LW Scientific Incubators

These simple controlled incubators are packed with features, all at an affordable price. This new line of LW Scientific USA-made incubators are perfect for pediatric, physician, and hospital labs. They provide constant temperature accuracy (through the analog control and included thermometer) for nearly all lab applications: microbiology, egg incubation, cultures, and test kits.

LW Scientific Water Baths

The LW Scientific Oscillating Water Bath features LED display of time and speed and PID temperature control. The stainless steel reservoir is seamless, eliminating the possibility of rust and leaks, and the rounded corners are easy to clean. The control unit achieves the desired temperature quickly and maintains a constant temperature. An adjustable upper limit temperature alarm prevents sample overheating. The compact design, stainless steel reservoir, and included test tube rack.

LW Scientific Centrifuges Combinations

– Capability of spinning four different rotors
– Test tubes, micro-tubes, and hematocrits
– Choose from the rotors below

You can choose from the following rotors:
– 12-place test-tube rotor
– 24-place test-tube rotor
– 24-place microtube rotor
– 24-place hematocrit rotor