CellDyn 3200

Abbott Diagnostics’ Cell Dyn 3200 is a powerful tool best suited for the measurement of CBC parameters such as Diff, WBC, RBC, and PLT. Block Scientific has established an enviable reputation as one of the market leaders in supplying a wide range of lab equipment. From centrifuges, hematology analyzers, to urinalysis analyzers – all are available here in new and recertified forms at fair rates.

Features and Capabilities

Abbott Cell Dyn 3200 can analyze up to 71 samples per hour and requires only minimal maintenance. In order to provide the analysis with a high level of accuracy and precision, Abbott Cell Dyn 3200 combines high-resolution flow cytometry with Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation. These are available in options such as single-tube closed sampling system or 50-position sample loader. Along with its simplicity, it offers features such as five-part leukocyte differential, automated sample handling, and comprehensive data management and reliability.

Available in close sample and sample loader

Abbott Cell Dyn 1700 for Modern Hematology Laboratories

Abbott Cell Dyn 1700 is one of the Abbott Diagnostics products that we offer at Block Scientific. Abbott’s Cell Dyn 1700 is a hematology analyzer, developed specifically to perform data management, hematology research, and simplification of data interpretation tasks in clinical laboratories. It offers optimal solutions to meet the ever changing demands of today’s laboratory environment.

Abbott Cell Dyn 1700 fulfills the demands of the modern hematology laboratories such as ease of use, high reliability, low maintenance, closed-tube sampling, fast access to results, accuracy, differential screening, and so on. By using this analyzer, you can even obtain small hematological sampling (30 µL), either in closed-tube or open sampling forms.

Cell Dyn 1700 analyzer has an in-built computer with hard drive and color monitor. This 18-parameter automated hematology analyzer details key features and capabilities including optional closed sampling system, comprehensive diagnostic messages, color display with full keyboard, graphical display with three histograms, patient name and comments on report, and three-part leukocyte differential. It takes only about 60 seconds for a complete blood count (CBC) and can store 5,000 specimen data with graphics.