Erba XL 400

The Erba XL 400 is a fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests/hr (photometric test). It brings biochemistry workflow management within reach of small to medium sized laboratories. This compact, bench top model has optional ISE with NA+, K+, Cl- & Li+.

  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes
  • 30 position reagent tray with on-board cooling
  • Convenient software and extensive quality control menu
  • Automated pipetting of reagent & sample by robotic arm
  • Immersion mixing with user defined, variable speeds ensures thorough mixing
  • Reagent savings as several chemistries can be done with reagent volume as low as 180 µl
  • On board laundary & cooling
  • Auto dilution and auto rerun
  • Quality control with multiple rules


Chem Well®-T is a fully automated, random access analyzer for Biochemistry and lmmuno-Turbidimetric assays, designed specifically for lower throughput labs, specialty labs, and to serve as a dependable backup analyzer.

Chem Well®-T provides outstanding value from the day of purchase, through daily operation, and through the instrument’s entire life cycle.